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Dr Manaan Kar Ray
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MBBS, MRCPsych, MS (Psychotherapy), Msc (Psychiatry)




Service for Solicitors

Medico Legal Services (Psychiatric Reports)

Dr. Kar Ray is well versed in preparing psychiatric reports and has provided services for many leading firms of solicitors across the UK. The most commonly prepared reports involve:

He specializes in adults of working age (16 years onwards). He has been instructed by defence, prosecution and jointly. Irrespective of instructions, please note that his duties as an expert witness are to the court.

Prior to preparing a report Dr. Kar Ray would need written instruction from a solicitor. Email requests will be accepted but will need to be followed by a signed hardcopy for the records. In the instruction the following information is mandatory:

Background and necessary collateral information should be made available. If relevant sources are withheld Dr. Kar Ray will not prepare the report and the client and solicitor will be informed of the same.

Please note that reports will be factual and will be given on ‘soul and conscience.’ Reports will use plain English, and explains medical jargon. Every effort will be made to make them sufficiently comprehensive to preclude a requirement for oral evidence. However where needed Dr. Kar Ray will follow the report with an expert witness appearance in court.

Dr. Kar Ray will try to deliver to the requested time frame. Generally after the client is assessed or on receipt of all collateral information, which ever is later, Dr. Kar Ray needs at least 14 days to prepare the report. If this is not going to be the case then solicitors will be forewarned. For turnarounds faster than this please contact Alison Hill on 07533 567161.

Expense for reports vary on the amount of labour involved as well as the complexity of the case. The cost of a standard report is between 1000 - 1500 £s. Domiciliary visits to compile report will add further costs.

Solicitor instruction to:
Dr. Manaan Kar Ray,
Fitzwilliam Private Hospital,
Milton Way, South Bretton,
Peterborough, PE3 9AQ

Solicitors, GPs, Patients, Family can email at alison.hill22@nhs.net for further information.

Private Secretary: Alison Hill - 07533 567161