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Dr Manaan Kar Ray
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MBBS, MRCPsych, MS (Psychotherapy), Msc (Psychiatry)




Psychiatric Follow Up

Follow Up

After an initial assessment, a management plan that is agreeable to the client will be drawn up. In most cases a combination of psychological and pharmacological approaches are opted for, however there are appropriate patients where using one modality to start with is the best approach. Patients have a clear say in deciding on the management approach.

Initiating psychotropic medication requires close monitoring in the first month. The frequency of follow up appointments vary depending on the presentation of the patient, the medication chosen and the progress being made. In a large proportion fortnightly reviews are necessary as a minimum for the first month. Once a stable dose of medication has been reached, reviews are spaced out to monthly intervals and even longer.

Having undergone formal training in Psychotherapy (Masters degree with distinction) as well as training in Department of Psychotherapy in Oxford, Dr. Kar Ray can provide a range of psychological interventions, the commonest being CBT. Therapy sessions are 45 minutes and are held at weekly/fortnightly intervals. A course of CBT generally lasts for 12 sessions followed by further four sessions that are spaced out over a much longer period of time.

Follow up appointments (up to 45 minutes) cost 200£s.

Please note if medication changes are made your GP will need to be informed as primary care physicians will continue to do the prescribing. Following the initial assessment a detailed letter would have been sent to your GP into which youwould have been copied in. Often this would include potential medications which Dr. Kar Ray is considering to use. If you do not wish this to happen please inform Dr. Kar Ray during the assessment. Special provision could be made for you to read the letter prior to it going to the GP. Dr. Kar Ray strongly advises that referring Gps should be kept abreast of assessment and progress.

Please Note: The fees does not cover the cost of medications that a client may need to purchase on a private prescription. Nor does it include the cost of any biological investigations (blood tests / CT or MRI scan etc) if indicated. You will be informed of expenses involved in conducting such investigations.

GP referrals to:
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GPs, Patients, Family can email at alison.hill22@nhs.net or ring 07533 567161 for further information.